Grow Black Hair Long Naturally

Grow black hair long naturally with proper education and proven methods

Are you an African American woman and you want to grow long, strong, beautiful black hair? Are you wondering how to get your relaxed or natural black hair to grow longer faster? Are you suffering from constant breakage and slow or halted hair growth? Have you tried every product on the market that claims “GUARANTEED” hair growth with no results? Do you secretly wonder why only the Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic women have long hair? Do you believe the only way to have long hair is to wear a wig or hair extensions to achieve the look of those of the Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic race? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you should bookmark this site right now and read on.

GrowBlackHair.NET will provide all the answers needed to grow your hair, whether it is relaxed or natural to its longest potential possible. Feel free to use our search bar or just choose through the above list of categories to learn how to maintain and grow black hair.

This site was created by an African American woman just like you! I’ve had both relaxed and natural hair and with the proven techniques explained within this site I was able to achieve below shoulder length hair naturally! To learn more about me and why I created this site please read the About page.

Proof that Black Hair Can Grow!!

"Grow 1 Inch of Hair in a Week" - A.K.A. "The Inversion Method"

“Grow 1 Inch of Hair in a Week” – A.K.A. “The Inversion Method”

  "Grow 1 inch of hair in a week", is the promise that is given for what some call "The Inversion Method". I discovered this method when I was on Youtube watching videos about natural hair care. The promise of growing an inch in a week was very appealing, although I was skeptical and wanted [Continue Reading]

As I Am Cleansing Pudding Product Review

As I Am Cleansing Pudding Product Review

I decided to give the As I Am Cleansing Pudding a try when I saw it at Walmart for $10. I have to say that I was literally blown away because I have never used a cleanser that did not strip my hair other than my trusty clay cleansers. This product left my hair clean, soft, and moisturized. The smell[Continue Reading]

Postpartum Natural Hair Shedding

Postpartum Natural Hair Shedding

I just had a baby recently and I soon began to experience postpartum natural hair shedding. I would style my hair and notice strands upon strands of hair releasing from my hair. More hair than normal would come out during my weekly co-washing sessions. I found that my hair became more tangled and as[Continue Reading]

I've Gone Back to Co-Washing

I’ve Gone Back to Co-Washing

If you've been a long time subscriber of my blog then you may be able to recall my "Is Co-washing Overrated?" article that I wrote a while back. At the time I felt as though co-washing did not benefit my hair much. I was not using completely natural products at the time so even when using products t[Continue Reading]

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