Grow Black Hair Long Naturally

Grow black hair long naturally with proper education and proven methods

Are you an African American woman and you want to grow long, strong, beautiful black hair? Are you wondering how to get your relaxed or natural black hair to grow longer faster? Are you suffering from constant breakage and slow or halted hair growth? Have you tried every product on the market that claims “GUARANTEED” hair growth with no results? Do you secretly wonder why only the Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic women have long hair? Do you believe the only way to have long hair is to wear a wig or hair extensions to achieve the look of those of the Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic race? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you should bookmark this site right now and read on.

GrowBlackHair.NET will provide all the answers needed to grow your hair, whether it is relaxed or natural to its longest potential possible. Feel free to use our search bar or just choose through the above list of categories to learn how to maintain and grow black hair.

This site was created by an African American woman just like you! I’ve had both relaxed and natural hair and with the proven techniques explained within this site I was able to achieve below shoulder length hair naturally! To learn more about me and why I created this site please read the About page.

Proof that Black Hair Can Grow!!

Sandalwood Oil for Healthy Hair

Sandalwood Oil for Healthy Hair

Sandalwood essential oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of Santalum album. This aromatherapy oil which is used to treat anxiety, acne and dry skin can also be used to make hair care products. Sandalwood Moisturizing Spray Sandalwood essential oil hydrates the hair and it can be used to [Continue Reading]

Maple Holistic Product Review

Maple Holistic Product Review

Today I will be doing a product review for the Maple Holistic  Silk 18 Natural Conditioner and the Argan Shampoo. I was given the opportunity to review these 2 products from a small business located right here in Ohio so I was ecstatic about trying out the line. I used both products several times ov[Continue Reading]

Camille Rose Product Review

Camille Rose Product Review

I decided to try the Camille Rose products when my aunt raved about them being a hit, so I picked up a few of her products from my local Target. I decided to try the Curl Love Moisture Milk, Almond Jai Twisting Butter, and the Fresh Curl Revitalizing Hair Smoother. I loved all 3 of these product[Continue Reading]

"Grow 1 Inch of Hair in a Week" - A.K.A. "The Inversion Method"

“Grow 1 Inch of Hair in a Week” – A.K.A. “The Inversion Method”

  "Grow 1 inch of hair in a week", is the promise that is given for what some call "The Inversion Method". I discovered this method when I was on Youtube watching videos about natural hair care. The promise of growing an inch in a week was very appealing, although I was skeptical and wanted [Continue Reading]

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