I created Growblackhair.net  because I decided to start growing my hair longer than shoulder length. I never cared for wearing a weave or a wig because I wanted my own long hair. After reading a couple of books and researching on how to make my hair grow long I applied the information I read in the books, online, and the things I’ve tried on my own to have longer stronger hair. Four months later I gained 2 inches of hair and I decided to see if there were sites online that taught black women how to grow their relaxed hair.

I decided to do a search on Google for sites like this one and the only thing I discovered was “WikiHow.com”, “Ehow.com”, or sites that were selling hair growth pills and products. I couldn’t find a site that was optimized for the search engines that was about growing African American hair. After I discovered this it was time to create a website for African American women to learn how to grow their own hair long.

For the first time I will be able to help millions of African American women grow their own hair long and ditch the hair weaves and wigs. We too can have long hair

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Grow Black Hair