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Ambrosia Hair Products: Caramel Souffle Styling Creme

Ambrosia Hair Products - Caramel Souffle Styling CremeIn today’s video I will be demonstrating how to use the Ambrosia Hair products Caramel Souffle Styling Creme to achieve a beautiful twist out. My favorite way of achieving a twist out is by using flat twists because it gives me more body and you don’t have to do much to get rid of the “parts”. The hair just flows down in such a natural way it looks simply amazing.

I also style my hair when it is only damp not wet to achieve more length. The night before I made this video I co-washed my hair with the Coco Passion Honey Hair Nectar and put my hair into six braids while I was still in the shower. I allowed my hair to dry completely and styled it the following day, which you will see in the video below.

Ambrosia Hair Products: Caramel Souffle Styling Creme Application

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To maintain this style I pull my hair back into a loose bun with a satin scrunchy. If your hair is not long enough to pull into a bun you can also try doing a pineapple to keep your curls and stretch your hair for longer second day hair. My style usually last for about 5 days before I need to restyle it using these products.


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