Posted on August 14, 2010 by Samara

Can Natural Hair be Trained?

I’ve heard of the so-called concept of “training” natural hair, meaning to have the hair respond a certain way to heat. “Untrained” natural hair would be more unrulely, so to speak. It wouldn’t become silky straight when a blow dryer and pressing comb, or flat iron is applied, but after using these appliances on the hair on a regular basis, the hair will respond “better” by becoming more silky, straight, smooth, and some what limp. The hair will be so “trained”, that even after cleansing and conditioning the hair it won’t even return to it’s natural state. Instead it will be slightly straighter than normal and the curl pattern will have loosened and/or diminshed completely.

Ladies, if you have hair like the hair described above and you have been using heat, please be advised that your hair is NOT trained. It is heat damaged!  Natural hair CANNOT be trained to respond a certain way to heat. Natural hair that is healthy, is thick, curly, and full of life. If it is limp, without much curl and a bit dull, it is damaged.

The use of heat should be limited and/or excluded completely from use on natural hair. What’s the point of being natural if you continue to use heat to make it straight? You might as well go back to a chemical relaxer because you are still damaging your hair and in my opinion, if you choose to straighten your hair often, you have not accepted your natural texture.

 Learning to deal with your hair in its natural state is part of being natural. Using heat to make it more “manageable” is not the answer. Keep in mind, no amount of deep conditioning will ever restore your natural curls once it’s heat damaged. You will have to cut off the damaged hair and start over.

In conclusion natural hair CANNOT be trained. There is no such thing. It can either be damaged or embraced. The choice is completely up to you.



  1. I really hope that natural hair isn’t being damaged by heat.

    If so then thank you for the information.

    Comment by Hair Dryer — August 30, 2010 @ 3:24 pm

  2. Trust and believe that Heat Damage is REAL. I wish I had know this two years ago!!! This article is right on Point!! Was told for years my hair just needed to be trained IF I had know what that really means. Learn to stop the heat cause what is the point if you are natural. Excellent article.

    Comment by Bonita — August 4, 2012 @ 12:55 am

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