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Clipping the Ends Does Not Make Hair Grow

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Clipping the EndsI haven’t been to a beauty salon in years and when I decided to start going again just to have my hair relaxed every 8 weeks or so every beautician I interviewed suggested clipping my ends! I said I want to grow my hair not make it shorter! I even had one girl suggest to clip my ends every week! I guess that’s why this specific girl was wearing a ton of false hair!

This is one of the reasons why our hair doesn’t get any longer because we are constantly cutting our hair. Hair on average grows 1/2 inch a month and if you let some scissor happy hair stylist cut your hair every six weeks your hair isn’t going to get any longer!

Hair is not rose bushes! It’s dead so clipping the ends is not going to make more hair grow or stop breakage and split ends for that matter. I have no idea where this stupid idea of clipping the ends to make the hair grow came from, but if we use common sense we’d understand that this will never make the hair grow faster.

If you have split ends my advice to you is to clip the split ends only, next deep condition your hair with a protein enriched conditioner such as the Aphogee 2-step Protein Treatment or Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise Treatment. These are both really good protein treatments that can help repair damaged hair and stop breakage. You should condition your hair weekly anyways to maintain your hair, but do not use the Aphogee conditioner weekly. It is only to be used once every 6 weeks.

Don’t let anyone clip your ends again if you want to achieve length. Grow your hair for 12 months without getting it cut, by then you should have about 6 new inches of hair. At the end of the 12 months you may visit a trustworthy stylist that will respect your wishes and trim no more than 1/2 -1 inch of your hair just to even your hair out and make it look neat.

The myth of clipping your ends has finally been dispelled. If your hair is damaged don’t cut it off, condition it, and clip only whats damaged to repair it.



  1. So your saying it would help my hair grow?Iv been wearing a weave and micro braids for like 6 months and i finally went back to my hair and my ends looked horrible!They were soo split and nappy so the stylist cut my ends and my hair loooks healthy now.

    Comment by Bria — May 17, 2009 @ 6:08 pm

  2. So your saying it would help my hair grow?Iv been wearing a weave and micro braids for like 6 months and i finally went back to my hair and my ends looked horrible!They were soo split and nappy so the stylist cut my ends and my hair loooks healthy now.

    Clipping the ends does not make your hair grow what so ever! You ends looked ragged because you probably did not condition your hair while you were wearing weaves and braids on a regular basis. Also microbraids and weaves are not good for your hair. Wearing braids for longer than 2 months is not a good idea either.

    Comment by Samara — May 18, 2009 @ 6:02 pm

  3. Im sorry but,im mixed with black,indian&cherokee and,once I put a perm on ma hair&b4 I did ma ends were terrible but ma hair went down 2 the middle of ma back but the perm took soo much of ma hair out,it ended up to ma neck&I gave it like 3mnths 2 grow back&when it reached my shoulders,I clipped ma ends&ma hair is back down 2 the middle of ma back,

    Comment by teka — July 13, 2009 @ 1:00 am

  4. I’m sorry. I have to disagree. my hair was the same length for 7 years (no joke). I started going to the hair salon to get trims and deep conditioning every 2 weeks and my hair grew tremendously!!! It’s now way past my shoulders. But that’s just my opinion

    Comment by lexi — October 5, 2009 @ 3:02 pm

  5. I’m sorry. I have to disagree. my hair was the same length for 7 years (no joke). I started going to the hair salon to get trims and deep conditioning every 2 weeks and my hair grew tremendously!!! It’s now way past my shoulders. But that’s just my opinion

    You must have some super fast growing hair that’s on steroids to be able to gain length by having your hair trimmed every 2 weeks. On average all hair grows 1/4-1/2 inch per month so I can’t really see how it’s feasibly possible to gain length by cutting your hair that frequently. The majority of women would actually end up having shorter hair if they had their ends trimmed every 2 weeks. That’s actually losing an inch or more depending on how much is being clipped off bi-weekly. In my opinion, I’d never advise anyone to clip their ends this often if their goal is to gain length.

    Comment by Samara — October 5, 2009 @ 11:39 pm

  6. You made a really good point…
    my hair will start growing
    my hair stylist told me i need to come in and get my ends clipped every eight weeks or esle my ends will split upp and break off my hair.

    So i listened to her.. my hair hasnt seemed to get anylonger

    im going to give your trick a try lol
    (im on a hope and prayer my hair dosent break off)
    i use olive oil root stimulatior hair products as well.. (just started) i usally use pantene for women of color .. what do you think about that shampoo & Conditioner?

    Comment by Tiyashia — November 15, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

  7. I actually wrote a review on their shampoo:

    I don’t know too much about their conditioner, but Pantene really haven’t educated themselves on the needs of African American hair so I really don’t recommend their products at all as of now.

    Comment by Samara — November 16, 2009 @ 1:08 am

  8. Intresting article

    Although i must admit
    Pantene dose make your hair stronger and shiny& soft

    I havent noticed much growth in my hair
    My hair is past my shoulders But i want it longer

    i decided to try root stimulator because i noticed it was organic

    What do you think about the product?
    Would you recomend it? if not what would you recomend i use?

    Comment by Tiyashia — November 16, 2009 @ 11:08 am

  9. Organic Root Stimulator makes some good products. Their conditioners and the Carrot oil moisturizer are the best in their line. I wouldn’t use their shampoo because it contains sulfates. Try a sulfate free shampoo such as Kinky-Curly Come Clean Shampoo, or the Giovanni line (found in your local Whole Foods and Walmart.)

    Here a some reviews on the ORS line:

    Comment by Samara — November 16, 2009 @ 11:14 am

  10. I am also black and Native American, I clip my own ends every 4 months, 3 months if needed and my hair is growing really really fast and long and looks amazingly healthy.

    Comment by Mia — May 25, 2010 @ 1:51 pm

  11. I am a bit upset, no, actually more. Sad even.
    I just got my hair done yesterday. What was supposed to be a joyous trip to the salon just as the week and a half prior, turned instead to me checking the mirror only remembering my length. (And searching online for the “right” amount of hair to be clipped when ends need “trimming.”

    I hurried to my appointment anticipating walking out turning heads with bouncing locks, confidence, assurednance and sheer beauty, as I had been weeks prior. Instead my stylist announced the dreaded words, “when was the last time we clipped your ends?” I had been asking her weeks ago actually, as I’d notice that my ends were looking a little raggedy. It raised concern so much so that I even inquired of another stylist besides my own (closer to my home). Both advised that my ends were fine. I continued then, to get my hair done and walk out more lovely each week.

    My hair has taken a beautiful change for the better over a period of a year.
    Many of us have our hair stories, tragedies and what have you. So I know that many can relate when I say it was tragic when I got a perm (mezzani) and two weeks later had major breakage.
    I was devastated and needed a solution.
    For me, it was tree-braids, I discovered from a friend. I wore them for about 2years. They offered me such flexibility and the look was so natural. I got compliments often of how beautiful my hair was. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the care of my hair under the braids. I was just happy to have hair. As a result, over time, after getting them taken down and re-braided, I noticed real breakage. It occurred to me to take better care of my hair and not rely solely on the fact that it was braided, taking it for granted. I began washing and conditioning my hair frequently. I would even apply thin layers of olive oil (the cooking oil) throughout my hair. (I did some reading on the benefits of the olive oil as a hair growth stimulator, this and castor oil). I had finally arrived at a better care routine, keeping my braids up only for two months, then getting a good deep conditioner and returning to the braids.

    My original stylist (not my braider) began to notice significant changes in my hair and I decided to take a break from the braids. My length had actually reached the length that I had been “fronting” for so long. It had reached past the bottom of my neck. I thought wonderful (my family’s Native American genes-way back- are rising to the top, finally.) I was and have been very pleased. The body in my hair has been phenomenal. The length, fabulous and I have been vying for it to continue growing down to the middle of my back.

    Today, I feel saddened (not completely defeated), but I feel as though my stylist simply took too much off. It is a true damper on my hair accomplishments.

    She said that I only needed a coupla cm off. I trusted her. I notice a significant difference in the length. I did not feel that bouncy feel as I walked out. Yes, it’s bouncy, but It feels and looks much lighter. I don’t have the hang over my eyes as weeks prior. I am convinced she took off more than necessary. I feel that she is a good stylist and I feel that the “cut” gives it a “good look”, however it’s not the look I desired. I want my length; every cm of it. I watched even as she swept the hair into the dust pan. It appeared that the cm that she referred to before hand was much longer. I feel betrayed. She has been my stylist off and on for some years.

    This disappointment, however, is how I landed on your site. I agree with your thoughts that the clipping, may not be as necessary as we have been “trained” to think. My stylist also says that trimming should happen every 3 months, however, I feel as though she took what my hair had grown in that time. At this point I am ready to get my hair rebraided and start again. This time, I will choose someone else to clip my ends. And I want them to measure out, on paper, what they will trim and hold them to that. She told me she would take off a coupla cm, which is equal to .8 inches. I certainly loss more than an inch. I believe 2. My extra bounce, went with it. And my spunky spirit too. I don’t wanna say she had it out for me…but….

    I’m so disappointed. I am glad that I found this link however.
    I do believe I’m going back to braids. I will also check into those products you recommended.
    Thanks for taking the time to post this. Thanks for reading my long comment also.
    I pray all those attending to this site have the success with their hair they are looking for.
    Here’s to recover for those like me, and for continued success to the other ladies. I am truly saddened. I had finally achieved something special to me only to have it cut. I wish I had heeded the dream I had a month ago, but I really forgot. :( I chose to trust her.

    Comment by SunnyMoore — September 30, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

  12. Hi ladies-

    I just found this site and I am very happy I did because it validates what I have been thinking for years now. I had the same experiences as most of you. I found my hairdresser about a year ago after I was coming off a horrific weave experience. Needless to say my hair was badly damaged. My hairdresser nursed my hair back to health and within six months it was starting to look back to normal. Once my hair got back to healthy and started growing I noticed that my hair stylists trims were actually full on hair cuts. I would go in with my hair pass my shoulder and come out with hair near my chin. I was devastated. My hair grows pretty quickly for a black girl but it was still shocking to look in the mirror. I now go to one of my friends hair stylists when I need my ends trimmed. My friends hair stylist said that if I am taking care of my hair, my ends can be trimmed twice a year, not every eight weeks as we have been led to believe since we were little girls. Stop the trimming ladies, your hair will not grow!!! My hair is now hanging down past my shoulders once again. Also, a great shampoo that I use is Keracare non-sulfate hydrating shampoo and humecto conditioner. My hair is natural, and I wear it wavy in between flat irons. I also use argan oil and roots of nature shea butter and green tea moisturizing lotion for moisture.

    Comment by Melissa — November 20, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

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