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Developing your haircare regimen for relaxed hair

Below is your basic guide to growing longer stronger hair if you have chemically treated hair. Following this procedure will allow you to grow up to 6 inches of hair in 12 months. Just think, 6 inches of longer, stronger, beautiful hair in 1 year! My hair growing formula will help you achieve whatever length you desire. Whether it’s 12 inches or 24 inches of hair you can achieve this easily with patience and persistence.

Items you will need:

Satin Bonnet Wide Tooth Comb Hooded Dryer

The above items are items you will need that are essential in caring for your hair. A wide tooth comb is best for relaxed hair when combing the hair when it’s both damp or dry because it detangles without pulling and breaking the hair. Medium tooth combs are okay in freshly relaxed hair, but when new growth begins to appear switch to the wide tooth comb only.

You will also need to sleep with a satin bonnet on your head at night to prevent your cotton sheets and pillowcase from absorbing moisture from the hair. It will also prevent your hair from being tangled in the morning.

Last but not least, a hooded dryer. This item holds many purposes. It is best for deep conditioning, drying the hair without damage, setting, and wrap styles.


Selecting A Shampoo

When selecting a shampoo look for one that is free from sulfates(Sodium Laureth & Lauryl) which are damaging to black hair because it strips black hair of its moisture. If your hair has buildup a mixture of water and about 3tbsp of baking soda will break down and remove the build up. You can also use the Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo or the Curls Clarifying Shampoo.

The shampoo you decide to use should not be a “conditioning” shampoo because the added conditioner will lessen the cleansing effect. The shampoo also shouldn’t lather up excessively because shampoos with this amount of detergent type soaping agents are very harsh. My favorite sulfate free shampoo is the Ambrosia Hair Lavender & Chamomile Honey Curl Wash. It’s very gentle, moisturizing, and cleanses the hair without stripping it.


Shampooing Relaxed Hair

Pour about a half dollar amount of sulfate free shampoo into the palm of your hands and rub together while holding your hands over your hair so the excess shampoo may drip into the hair. Apply the shampoo to the hair, paying close attention to the scalp. Your goal is to make sure your scalp is cleansed. The shampoo will eventually run throughout the hair and remove the dirt.

Gently massage the scalp with finger tips in a zig zag motion from front to back, massaging the entire scalp(DO NOT scratch or use your nails). Next gently rub the shampoo through the length of your hair with your palms and rinse with warm water. The water should not be a strong force because this can also be damaging. When rinsing the water’s force should be similar to the strength of a rain shower. After the hair is free of shampoo remove excess water by gently squeezing and running your palms down your hair to remove it.

One lathering should be sufficient unless you had major buildup which in this case you can shampoo twice. Do not wash your hair until it is “squeaky” clean because even though the shampoo is sulfate free this practice can still strip the oil from your hair and make it dry and brittle.

Step Two: Conditioning

Choosing a Conditioner

When selecting a conditioner you should choose one that contains protein to help repair and strengthen hair and oil to help soften, lubricate and seal in moisture.

Weekly Conditioning

After you have shampooed your hair and rinsed it apply an ample amount of conditioner to your hair from root to tip paying close attention to your ends. If you are using a conditioning rinse you can finish showering and rinse out the conditioner after leaving it in for about 5 minutes. For deep conditioning which should be done every 2 weeks, place a plastic cap over your hair and sit under a warm dome dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. Next rinse the hair until it is free from all traces of conditioner with lukewarm water. Then towel blot the hair gently.

Step Three: Moisturizing

Choosing a Moisturizer

A good moisturizer should not contain protein because although protein is good for your hair it will dry your hair out and cause breakage when left in the hair. The moisturizer should contain a humercant such as glycerin or sorbitol which helps attract moisture to our already dry hair. The moisturizers first ingredient should be water and it should also contain some type of oil to seal in the moisture.

DO NOT use a moisturizer that contains mineral oil, petroleum, or paraffin liquidum! This ingredient actually inhibits the absorption of moisture in our hair and cloggs the hair follicles.

Moisturizing After a Shampoo

After conditioning your hair and towel blotting it apply the moisturizer to your hair while the hair is still damp paying close attention the ends. Comb the moisturizer through your hair with a wide tooth comb for even distribution.

Moisturizing Daily

Daily moisturizing is essential for optimum hair growth. Our hair is naturally dry so to prevent hair breakage moisture must be constantly applied. You should moisturize your hair daily paying close attention to your hair ends. DO NOT apply the moisturizer to your scalp because the scalp does not need to be moisturized or oiled. Your scalp produces enough natural oil(sebum) which is sufficient. Your hair needs the moisture not your scalp. Moisturize your hair at least twice a day.

Step Four: Relaxing

Choosing a Relaxer

There are thousands of relaxers on the market today for African American women to choose from. Most relaxer’s are all the same. There is no such thing as a no lye relaxer. All relaxers use a chemical to straighten the hair so don’t believe the hype. Relaxers should always be applied by a professional to prevent overlapping of chemicals. I no longer use a relaxer, but when I did the relaxers that I grew to like are listed at the Grow Black Hair Shop. You do not have to use these one’s if you’ve found one that you like for your own hair.

At the Shop

I recommend getting a relaxer ever 8 weeks to allow a sufficient amount of new growth (about an inch). When choosing a hair stylist choose one that respects your wishes. If you tell her you only want your hair shampooed once she should respect that. If you say I don’t want my ends clipped and she goes for the scissors anyway then she is not listening to you nor respecting your wishes and you should start looking for another stylist. Do not be afraid to speak up at the shop. It is your hair and if you don’t speak for it then who will? Bring your own shampoo, conditioners, and relaxer if you so do desire. If your stylist has an issue with you bringing your own products find another one whom doesn’t. Do not allow your hair care stylist to clip your ends. This practice is useless and it prevents you from gaining length. Also make sure that your hair stylist uses a neutralizing shampoo after relaxing your hair and she should also deep condition your hair for about 20 minutes following the shampoo.

Step Five: Healthy Hair Diet

A healthy diet always does the body good and so will it for your hair. Eating the right amount of nutrients and drinking plenty of water will help keep your hair in tip top shape. Be sure to take in at least 8 glasses of water per day,Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, and taking a vitamin that is made for the hair wouldn’t hurt either. It will be beneficial to the body in the long run to supplement your diet. I have read reports that vitamins containing MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) will make the hair grow faster and can even soften the hair texture. I’ve also heard that this ingredient is known to cause breakouts on the face. If you do decide to try this product and experience breakouts then I would suggest for you to stop taking it and find a brand that doesn’t contain MSM.


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