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Do Not Use Hair Grease

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They’ve instilled in our minds that we are suppose to grease our scalps and lubricate our hair with hair grease. They make claims on practically every product out there that it will make our hair grow or our money back right? Who are they you ask? The hair care industry.

Millions of black women should be rich right now because none of this products ever make your hair grow. If you are a black woman I’m pretty sure you have a jar or jars of grease in your bathroom right now. If you read the label on the jar I bet one of the first 3 ingredients are mineral oil, petroleum or paraffinum liquidum. This ingredient is nothing more than a drying agent. It prevents our already dry hair from absorbing moisture, it clogs hair follicles, and halts the hair growth.

Hair grease is poison to the scalp and shouldn’t be used by anyone. Loading your hair with grease will cause the sun to fry it like bacon in a frying pan which is also damaging. My suggestion to you is to throw out all your hair greases, creams, and lotions that contains mineral oil or petroleum. It will only slow or even halt your hair growing progress!

Mineral oil is nothing more than a cheap oil the hair care industry uses to save money and this ingredient is found in 90% of all Ethnic hair products. Please see this article on what mineral oil really is and what it does.

The truth is you don’t need to grease or oil you scalp with anything! Your scalp already produces enough natural oil. If you have dandruff don’t scratch you scalp (which injures it) and then grease it(which clogs it). Instead wash your hair because it’s time for a washing. The only thing you need to apply to you hair NOT your scalp is a hair moisturizer that is free from mineral oil and petroleum. The moisturizer should be water based being that the very first ingredient is water. The hair moisturizer should also contain a humecant such as glycerin or sorbitol along with some type of “good” oil (olive, jojoba etc.) to seal in the moisture.

Avoid using hair grease for now on in your hair if you want to grow your hair long, strong, and beautiful.

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