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How to Properly Comb Black Hair

How to Properly Comb Black HairThis article was sprout on from something I experienced recently. Yesterday, I was at the park with my children sitting on the bleachers watching them bounce a basketball. As I sat there I noticed a lady sitting a few bleachers down combing her daughters hair. The area in which I stay is a melting pot, meaning a lot of interracial dating. The woman was of Caucasian decent, but her children were biracial. As I sat there I watched her pull a small tooth comb through her daughters curly hair. I watched as her delicate hairs were ripped from her scalp due to the improper use of the comb. I listened as the mother told her daughter that her hair was not like her sisters and she couldn’t wear it down. Watching this really saddened me because I could see this little girl developing a complex about her hair. I commend her mother on making an attempt to care for her daughters hair, but being who I am, I took the initiative to give her some tips and product suggestions to better care for her daughters hair. She appreciated the tips given and I wish her and her daughter the very best! With that being said, in today’s article I will explain how to properly comb black hair which includes all types of curly hair and ethnic types. If your hair is curly and/or you are of some type of African decent this article is for you!

Do not use a comb. I rarely use a comb in my hair. My hair may only experience the use of a comb once per week when I am detangling my hair in the shower. Instead I detangle with my fingers. I apply my moisturizer and I detangle with my fingers separating the strands and smoothing the hair to prepare for what ever style I intend on trying.

Use a wide tooth comb. I always use a wide tooth comb when I do detangle my hair. When using a comb make sure your hair is  wet or damp and you have applied either a moisturizer or conditioner  to it, specifically a conditioner that is designed for detangling the hair. The Ambrosia Hair Satin Curls Detangling Leave-In is an excellent detangling conditioner and your hair doesn’t have to be saturated with it for it to work effectively. Always begin at the ends and work your way to the roots. Of course, follow the above tip and detangle with your fingers first before using a comb.

Never comb the hair when it is dry. When your hair is dry it is at its most fragile state and it will break at the slightest bend or snap. It is best to always mist the hair with a bit of water and apply your moisturizer or conditioner if you are detangling mid week to help the hair become more easier to manage. The water and moisturizer/conditioner will soften the hair and aid in better detangling. When cleansing the hair still apply conditioner to the hair, detangle with fingers first then a wide tooth comb beginning at the ends and work your way to the roots. Treat your hair like a delicate piece of lace. Don’t rush the process. Take your time and you will notice less breakage and split ends. Your hair will begin to flourish if you are gentle with your hair when styling and detangling it.



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