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PhytoSpecific Phyto Relaxer Index 2 Review

hairboutique.comI really liked using the PhytoSpecific Phyto Relaxer even though I have begun using a different relaxer for now because of my budget, but this relaxer was the only relaxer I have ever used that did not burn or cause any chemical burns what so ever! It claims to be a no-lye relaxer and unlike the many “no-lye” relaxers on the market that not only burn, but leave the hair feeling considerably dry this relaxer doesn’t do that at all. This relaxer is free of calcium or sodium hydroxide so I believe this is why the hair doesn’t feel dry after relaxing.

One thing I will say is this relaxer does not get the hair as straight as other relaxers. Your hair will still contain some texture to it so if you are looking for that “bone straight” look, don’t expect to get it by using the Phyto Relaxer. You will have to invest in a ceramic flat iron to get that silky straight look which you should be using anyways to prevent breakage between touch-ups when your new growth comes in!

The Phyto Relaxer actually cost $60, but it contains one whole relaxer for virgin hair or 2 touchups. So you’re actually paying $30 for a relaxer if you purchased it for a touchup. You can purchase the PhytoSpecific Phyto Relaxer on my site on the Product Guide page. I’ve also been able to purchase this relaxer from Sephora ( and the (offers free shipping).

What I can say about the Phyto Relaxer is if buying a $60 relaxer ever 6-8 weeks fits in your budget then go for it! This is a really good relaxer that doesn’t cause as much damage as other relaxers do and it is worth the money. The only thing I do not care for is the Milky Reconstructor that the relaxer comes with. It tells you to leave it on for 5 minutes which isn’t enough time to properly condition the hair. I recommend conditioning with this product for a total of 15 minutes under a dome dryer. Next completely rinse the hair out and condition again for another 15 minutes with the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise or the UBH Deep Conditioner.

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