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RED Ceramic 1875 Pro Hand Dryer Review

Red1875ProThis review is about the RED by Kiss Ceramic 1875 Pro Hand Dryer, but before I go any further, I will like to first disclose that I do not recommend the frequent use of heated appliances in the hair no matter if it is relaxed or natural due to the potential to severely damage the hair. It is acceptable to use heated appliances sparingly for we all deserve a treat, but please limit your use of them to preserve your hair and length. Well, on to the review!

I purchased the RED Ceramic hand dryer from my local beauty store last week. I have seen quite a few products by the RED company such as ceramic flat irons, hand dryers, and curling irons and they’re all reasonable priced. The RED by Kiss Ceramic 1875 Pro dryer was priced at $29.99.

I used this dryer when I decided to straighten my hair to see it’s true length and this dryer worked extremely well. The dryer comes with a diffuser and 2 wide tooth comb attachments in 2 different lengths. I also like that the combs are made of a thick plastic material. You don’t have to worry about losing teeth in your combs with this dryer, but if you are detangling properly your hair or your comb attachments won’t suffer any damage at all.

With conventional hand dryers, it usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to completely dry my hair leaving me with frizzy hair, but with the RED Ceramic Pro dryer, my hair was dry in about 20 minutes. I was also left with smooth, soft, hair with a nice sheen. I highly recommend this dryer because it works well, and is reasonably priced.

You can read more about the RED by Kiss Professional appliances at their website

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